Coaching in health and safety and business improvement

Coaching is increasingly used by organisations as a means of developing specific skills, capabilities and achieving high performance and improvement in health, safety and environmental management. The CIPD defines coaching as “development techniques based on the use of one-to-one discussions to enhance an individual’s skills, knowledge or work performance”. A coach is a collaborative partner who works with the learner to help them achieve goals, solve problems, learn and develop (Caplan, 2003). Effective coaching improves employee performance, drives organisational performance and delivers business performance outcomes.

Why coaching?

  • Targeted development interventions – helping individuals adjust to major changes in the workplace quickly
  • Support different learning styles 
  • Coaching offers a flexible, responsive approach to development, and address deficiencies in current performance and strengthens under-developed skills
  • Providing ongoing support
  • Growing future senior staff and support the succession planning or organisations
  • Accelerating change in organisations
  • Improving organisational and individual performance
  • Building your training capacity – train your line managers, specialist internal coaches and peers in delivering coaching

How we deliver effective coaching in health and safety?

  • Design an effective coaching process and use a structured approach
  • Establish trust: be respectful, be genuinely interested
  • Active listening: understand people’s expectations and concerns
  • Gap analysis approach – help people to identify gaps against the performance standards, assist goal development and setting
  • Ask good questions: probes, explores and encourage systematic thinking and new perspectives
  • Collaborative and supportive: we are the enabler, your collaborative partners working closely with you
  • Practical support – assist in making sense of a situation, facilitate depth of understanding by sharing our practical industrial experience
  • Provides people feedback on both their strengths and weaknesses
  • Solution and result-oriented: provide tools to support problem-solving and offer recommendations
  • Performance review: periodical meetings are scheduled to review your progress and offer support


Caplan, J (2003). Coaching for the Future: How smart companies use coaching and Mentoring. London: Chartered Institute of Personal and Development.

Coaching for personal development/change

NEBOSH courses coaching

People have different preferences in learning. Coaching in NEBOSH courses study can complement training provided by a NEBOSH training provider. If you failed to achieve the results with a NEBOSH training provider, we can coach you to help you achieve your results.

Supporting expatriates

We can offer cultural, business practices and business Chinese support for expatriates who have to adjust to a new culture and country in China. If you are an expatriate who have very specific requirements and need immediate support before relocating to China, we can help.

Supporting graduates

We coach you so that you have necessary skills you need to be successful in your first job in health, safety and environment and identify career progression opportunities.

Coaching for organisational development

Coaching in Behaviour Based Safety

Our Behavioural Coaching addresses health and safety behaviours at all levels of your organisation to support your cultural change.

Supporting team development

Major organisational change/corporate acquisitions in China can require significant shifts in the behaviour and attitudes of employees in order to fit in with new culture. We help your employees make necessary changes or build the capacity for your Health, Safety and Environmental Managers.

Coaching for small businesses

We coach your health and safety advisors so that they can provide you with competent health and safety advice.


What our clients say

 “I approached Sandy to coach work colleagues to pass the NEBOSH National Diploma exams. Sandy herself has an impressive achievement passing all the units in one sitting within 6 months. I have found Sandy professional, perceptive, practical and extremely engaging. I know my work colleagues benefited enormously from Sandy’s one to one tuition and her help in preparing them for the exams which have had positive results”.

– Jan Paley
Head of Health and Safety(retired), University of Huddersfield

I always found Sandy a helpful and competent health and safety professional. Her knowledge of both the UK and China systems was extensive. I worked with Sandy in China and found it very useful to have someone with knowledge of the health and safety approach in both the UK and China. I would recommend Sandy strongly.

– Rob Chester
Rob Chester, UK Managing Director at NSF International

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