Consultancy Services

At Horizon Risk Consultancy Ltd we provide a wide range of health, safety and environmental risk management services for large corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It is our goal to help you reduce business risks and improve efficiency. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with tailored solutions through a risk-based, proactive, practical and sustainable approach. If you would like to find out more about our services then please browse below or contact us for more information.

What Are Your Legal Duties?

Organisations with 5 or more employees are required by law to have:

  • A documented Health and Safety Policy
  • Documented arrangements for the organisation, planning, control, monitoring and review of Health and Safety Practices
  • Documented suitable and sufficient Risk Assessments for significant hazards
  • Access to competent Occupational Health and Safety advice

Benefits Of a Consultancy Service

  • Boost employee morale, improve standards and help grow your business by demonstrating your commitment to health and safety
  • Help ensure compliance and drive continuous improvement
  • Flexible consultancy support across all aspects of health and safety to suit your individual requirements
  • Professional team of consultants working to the very latest standards and legislation
  • Flexible training solutions with a choice of learning options

Why Work With Us?

  • Expertise. Our experienced consultants offer a broad range of risk management consultancy advice
  • Best practices. We provide an objective evaluation of your existing health and safety management, recommending improvements based on proven best practices
  • Actionable plans. We help you develop a practical and actionable improvement plan to help you better manage risks
  • Continuous improvement. We go beyond compliance.  We work with you to develop proactive and cost-effective  solutions that improve safety performance, and integrate health and safety management systems into your business culture.
  • The bigger picture. With our targeted solutions we solve your specific challenges but we also see the bigger picture of issues and their interrelationships and can make recommendations to make further improvements
  • Our approach. We take a risk-based, proactive, practical, and sustainable approaches to help you reduce business cost, increase efficiency and achieve sustainable business growth

Our Consultancy Services

Our services range from advice on policy development, risk assessments, inspections and audits, through to helping you develop and implement an integrated health, safety and environmental Management System. We can also support your certification to ISO Standards while helping you to drive positive behaviour change and cultural improvement in your organization. In addition to these services we offer accredited and bespoke training covering a wide range of areas, click here to read more about our training.

Our consultancy services include but are not limited to:


  • Behavioural Safety
  • Health and Safety Cultural Improvement
  • Health and safety project management
  • Accident Investigation and Root Cause Analyses
  • Process improvement (Lean safety, etc.)
  • Resource efficiency: energy Saving and waste reduction
  • Environmental consultancy and training
  • Supply chain health and safety and environmental audit
  • Chinese business health and safety support
  • Continuous Improvement


With our consultancy services, we start by understanding your people and your businesses. Then we offer objective advice and suggest practical and cost-effective solutions. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and to discover how we can help your business.