Gap Analysis

A gap analysis provides you with a risk-based approach for assessing your current Management Systems or procedures against your chosen Standard, the National and International Standards or industry best practices to improve your organization’s performance.

With a gap analysis carried out by Horizon, you benefit from the experience and expertise of our independent auditors. Our auditors take a close look at your existing processes and procedures, and benchmark your existing Management System to drive performance improvement.

The gap analysis approach is right for you during the pandemic and is a good introduction to more formal auditing and gives your team the opportunity to understand what an ISO certification audit will entail.

The Benefits of Gap Analysis

You can benefit from a gap analysis if any of the below apply to you:

  • You’re planning to achieve ISO Management System certification, but don’t know if you are ready
  • You plan to implement an ISO Standard, and want to have a gap analysis to focus your resources and support in preparing your ISO implementation plan
  • You’ve started implementing a Management System and want to measure your progress or assess your Management System’s readiness for certification audit
  • You’ve already achieved certification to one or more Management Systems, and would like to achieve another
  • You’re planning for a safe return to work, and want to assess the suitability and adequacy of your existing health and safety control measures or Management System

Why Work With HorizonBSI Associate Consultant

As a BSI management system Associate Consultant, we are trusted to give you the expert advice you need and help you put industry best practice into place within your business. Our gap analysis can help you:

  • Identify opportunities to improve your management processes and procedures in occupational, health and safety, business continuity planning, etc. so you can take actions to achieve compliance and drive performance
  • Give your stakeholders confidence in your organization’s readiness for applying a certification
  • Give your employees confidence in your organization’s arrangements to protect the health and safety of employees
  • Clarify the actions needed to achieve your desired Standard using our independent analysis, so you can plan resources, brief your team and establish an effective project implementation plan

Management Systems We Support 

How Gap Analysis

  • The gap analysis can be undertaken remotely or at your chosen location (when social distancing restrictions are lifted). Remote assessment can provide greater flexibility, particularly during the current pandemic
  • We’ll review your processes and procedures to identify potential gaps against the requirements of your chosen standard
  • You’ll receive a detailed written report, so you know what actions to take to get closer to your goal

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