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Fire Safety Assessment to VitrinMedia Manufacturing

The Client

VitrineMedia is one of the world leaders in window display and dynamic display solutions for professionals. For more than 12 years, VitrineMedia has been designing and manufacturing communication and illuminated display solutions to make every brand remarkable. Based in Paris, VitrineMedia has offices throughout France, subsidiary companies in Portugal, Spain, Australia, Canada and China. All products are manufactured in their production facility in Huizhou, China, which is also home to the company’s research and development, purchasing and quality assurance units.

The Problem

VitrineMedia’s China manufacturing plant had been operating in a rented factory building. The building was maintained by the landlord, and the fire protection system maintenance and testing were carried out by third-party contractors nominated by the landlord. VitrineMedia contacted Horizon Risk Consultancy Ltd in order to assess and improve their level of fire safety, and health and safety compliance. They were looking for practical advice based on an on-site fire safety assessment to verify the effectiveness of their fire safety management and the level of compliance to China’s national and international fire safety standards, making sure they adopted industry best practices. The General Manager advised us that it is often difficult for foreign companies in China to find good safety consultancy companies to help bring their factory in line with worldwide safety standards. With international experience in leading global organisations, Horizon Risk Consultancy Ltd was perfected positioned to help our client address the challenges.

What We Did

Horizon Risk Consultancy Ltd carried out a full day onsite Fire Safety Assessment to evaluate the fire safety compliance and made recommendations for improvement according to the client’s requirements and pre-defined scope of work.

Before the audit, an information collection list was sent out to the client to prepare. This enabled key basic information such as the facility layout drawing, building drawings, information on sprinkler systems, specifications of fire pumps, and fire protection system inspections record, was made available for review before the opening meeting and site visits to ensure the efficient use of time while on-site.

The assessment was carried out based on China National Codes such as the fire protection design of buildings, installation and commissioning of sprinkler systems, fire alarm system design, maintenance management for building fire equipment, and international standards such as FM Global Loss Prevention Data Sheets and NFPA Codes. All relevant construction, occupancy, protection were reviewed, the passive and active fire protection systems were evaluated to determine their adequacy and operating condition. This would include firewalls and floor/wall penetrations, sprinkler systems, fire pumps and smoke detection. Fire safety programs such as the Hot Work Permit system were reviewed. The consultant worked closely with the management team and engaged in effective two-way communication, explained the issues, potential consequences, provided them fire safety coaching during the assessment and discussed possible solutions to issues with them.

After the completion of the assessment, the report was prepared, meeting the defined deliverables. Within 1 working day after the audit date, we provided the client with a written report in both English and Chinese language. The assessment findings were categorised, prioritised and reported with objective evidence, with reference to relevant national or international standards. The report included a description of the issues and photographic records to help the client better understand the issues and action items (recommendations to bring the site into compliance or to meet international standards).


The fire safety assessment provided our client with a systematic review of their current fire safety management systems. The work provided useful recommendations for improving both fire safety and employee’s health and safety.

Luc-Olivier PINEAU, General Manager, VitrinMedia Manufacturing China said, “I’m glad we chose you for this audit, everything went perfect. You were very fast to contact us back. You perfectly identified our needs to assign an appropriate consultant. You followed up all along to make sure things went smoothly. Your expertise was very valuable to us. You gave us specific and practical advice that we can easily apply to improve fire safety and employees’ health and safety. You were very pragmatic to target key improvement points in coherence with our safety maturity level. We are fully satisfied with your service, and we will for sure work with you again when needed. I will recommend you around, as it is often difficult for foreign companies in China to find a good safety consultancy company to help bringing factories to worldwide safety standards.”

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