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Social accountability audit

Vitaly Design Ltd work with Horizon Risk Consultancy Ltd to improve their supply chain risk management 


Established in 2011 and based in Toronto, Vitaly producing genderless pieces that build upon the framework of global cultural directions. To keep up with ever-quickening demand, Vitaly worked with a local supplier in Dongguan, China to manufacturing their stainless steel Jewelry products, resulting in the structural, contemporary accessories Vitaly has become known for.

To ensure that the factory is practising ethical standings with its employees and that they aren’t violating any local labour laws in China. We want to ensure the workers at the factory are being treated fairly and equally and are working in proper safety conditions.

Horizon Risk Consultancy Ltd (Horizon) was retained by Vitaly Design Ltd to conduct a Social Accountability Audit for its supplier located at Dongguan City, Guangdong province, China. The work has been executed in accordance with the Service agreement. The objective of the audit was to evaluate the facility’s compliance with applicable state and local regulatory requirements in the area of labour, ethics and health and safety, and identify the area for continuous improvement.


Vitaly Design Ltd wanted to enhance its supply chain risk management by adopting social accountability best practices. They identified that by carrying out the social accountability audit to their suppliers in China they could improve the supply chain management and reduce the risks. Being a Canadian company, Vitaly Design Ltd understand the key areas in social accountability and understand our approach. The objective of the audit is to ensure that the factory is practising ethical standings with its employees and comply local labour and health and safety laws in China. They want to ensure the workers at the factory are being treated fairly and equally and are working in safe conditions.


We adopted a risk-based approach and incorporated the key social accountability topics with a focus on labour and ethics practices: forced and compulsory labour, health and safety, discrimination, disciplinary practices, working hours and remuneration. We followed our robust auditing process, engaged the local management team and worked during the audit and identified key areas for improvement.

Outcome / Benefits

The benefits gained were immediately apparent. With qualified and experienced local auditor who is familiar with the local regulations and SA 8000 Social Accountability standard, we are able to identify areas for improvement and apply China national standard and the international best practices to the business.

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Sandy and the team at Horizon Risk Consultancy Ltd. Their communication throughout this project made for a great working experience for our team in China and in Canada. The prompt and efficient service, as well as amazing customer service received, has locked us in to be returning customers for years to come. “

Andrea Viveiros, Human Resources Manager at Vitaly Design Ltd.

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