Studying for the NEBOSH General Certificate

Studying for the NEBOSH General Certificate

This post gives you some helpful tips on what you can expect from your NEBOSH learning experience; from starting your course right through to sitting your exams.

Before you start

Before you start your course, read the NEBOSH Syllabus Guide for NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety or NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health to get an overview of the learning outcomes, assessment criteria and contents of the course. Make a note of important dates in your calendar. As a classroom learner, you’ll be sent confirmation details with the date, time and location of your course, as well as the date of your exams. If you’ve chosen to study online, then you’ll need to be aware of exam registration deadlines and NG2/IG2 assignment submission deadlines and the OBE closing interview date.

How you’ll learn

You can choose to take your NEBOSH General Certificate course via classroom or online learning. Depending on your learning method, you’ll touch upon a number of different types of learning techniques throughout your course.

During a classroom course, your NEBOSH tutor will guide you through the course using their industry experiences to put key topics into context. You’ll be given a coursebook for each unit. You can expect to take part in group discussions, interactive activities, pop quizzes and homework to help test and develop your understanding.

Studying via an online course, you’ll work through the interactive E-learning course and course materials in your own time, and at your own pace. Some online courses are more engaging than others, so depending on your course provider you’ll also have access to

  • Webinars
  • Interactive activities
  • Videos
  • Learner discussions
  • Tutor support

Planning your study hours

The NEBOSH General Certificate will take between 80-120 hours of study. This is broken down into taught hours, self-study hours and exam hours.

As an online learner, you’ll find everything you need to fulfil the recommended study hours within the online learning platform. It’ll have learning materials and course content, as well as extensive resources so you can immerse yourself in research.

If you’re taking your course in a classroom, the taught hours will be split across 2 weeks and you’ll be expected to carry out the private study in your own time, too.

Planning what and when you’re going to study in advance can help take away some of the stress of learning, so it’s useful to create a timetable and set yourself learning targets. Remember to be realistic; short, regular time slots are better than long sporadic ones, so consider how much time you have and create a plan that you can stick to.

It’s also useful to look for windows of opportunity that won’t disrupt your daily schedule and learn the course at the best time.

Preparing for your exams

Whether you study in the classroom or online, at the end of your NEBOSH General Certificate course you’ll need to complete an open book online exam and a practical risk assessment.

Knowing how to learn can be just as important as what you learn. Everyone learns

Remember practice makes perfect. You’ll have access to NEBOSH General Certificate past exam papers, so try sitting them under exam conditions to give you a sense of the amount of quality information you can get down on paper. Depending on your course provider, you’ll be able to send your past paper offers to a tutor who will mark them and give you valuable feedback.

Study support

Always remember that whichever way you choose to take your NEBOSH General Certificate, you aren’t on your own. Create your own online groups or study sessions with other learners to discuss any areas of the course you don’t understand and share revision tips and techniques.

Your tutors are there to help you, too. They’ll be able to give you support and guidance throughout your course and answer any questions you may have about specific topics, revision, or exams.

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