Cultural ImprovementImage of a keyboard with the words Safety Culture

Horizon’s Safety Culture Maturity Model provides innovative approaches to help your organization effectively manage health and safety risks and make suggestions for cultural improvement.

Safety Management Systems provide a systematic approach to managing health and safety risks. However, on their own, they do not ensure successful health and safety management as the level of success is determined by collective ownership of safety and how organisations live their systems (HSE, 2002).

At Horizon, we encourage every stakeholder to take ownership of health and safety to make your organization more successful.


Our Cultural Improvement Service Includes But is Not Limited to:

  • Employee perception survey/engagement survey design
  • Safety culture maturity assessment based on the Safety Culture Maturity Model
  • Implementation of improvement plans and application of industry best practices
  • Effective safety culture interventions such as leadership and Behaviour Safety Program
  • An effective two-way communication program


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