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PAS 99 Integrated Management Systems

PAS 99 is the world’s first specification for integrated Management Systems. PAS 99 enables you to align your processes, procedures and all common standard requirements into one holistic structure in order to run your operations more effectively.

This certification can encompass your existing Management Systems such as Quality, Health and Safety, Environmental, Energy Management, and Business Continuity Management certifications against the international ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 22301 standards. It also provides additional recognition of your integrated approaches for managing risk.

Your Business Risks

  • Management of multiple Management Standards can be wasteful in time and resources
  • Conflict between different business systems
  • Poor internal and external communication

Your Business Needs

  • To streamline the business and have ‘one’ Management System in place
  • To avoid internal empires, provide clearly defined objectives and have one system benefitting the whole organization
  • Clear communication to staff and stakeholders

Feature of PAS 99 Standard

  • Requires one set of processes that covers all of the organization’s activities
  • Requires that consequences of any actions are taken into account and consideration given to how they affect each other and their associated risks
  • Standard requires there to be clear communications both internally and externally

Benefits to Your Business

  • Financial performance – Increased profitability due to lower costs, improved productivity, risk control and creativity
  • Corporate reputation – Enhanced competitiveness and business security as the direction, control and guidance of the organization is improved
  • Streamlined business operations – ‘One’ management system in place encourages coordination between different standards and encourages a more streamlined approach to business objectives resulting in quicker decision making and less conflict between business systems
  • Cost and resource savings – Meeting all standard requirements with one set of policies and procedures; reduced duplication of procedures and training and administrative tasks. More management time for proactive measures; Audit more than one system at a time to save money and resources; Only one management review required
  • Risk management – Integration makes it easier to compare risks arising from different impacts allowing better prioritisation of issues and allocation of resources
  • Improved communication – Enhanced communication through simplicity and uniformity of management structure, and Clearly defined roles and responsibilities highlight common objectives; Improved management and process transparency leading to more efficient and effective management review, action planning and employee participation
  • Continuous improvement – Making it easier to continually improve all your Management Systems, and facilitate adopting new Management Systems

Why Choose Horizon? 

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We Can Help

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