Integrated Management Systems (IMS) course


An Integrated Management System can help you adopt a holistic approach to managing business risks, streamline business operations, reduce costs, improve communication and make it easier to continually improve your management systems.

This course provides you essential knowledge and skills of an integrated management system (IMS) which integrates all internal management systems of a business into one coherent management system so as to enable the achievement of its purpose and mission.

Who Should Attend?

  • Individuals who are involved in the development of IMS
  • Quality, environmental, or health and safety managers interested in understanding how an IMS will affect their business processes and existing audit programs
  • Individuals who will manage or conduct audits of an IMS

Course Outline

  • What is an Integrated Management System (IMS)?
  • Benefit of Integrated Management System (IMS)
  • Approaches to Integrate your Management Systems
  • PAS 99
  • Annex SL – the new high-level structure of all new and revised management system standards and its influence in shaping the future of all management systems standards
  • Practical examples –integrate OHS

Course fee: £40 inclusive

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