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Already preparing for the transition to ISO 22301:2019 Business Continuity Management System? We can support you through the journey.

If your organization’s currently certified to ISO 22301:2012, you will have three years to transition to ISO 22301:2019 and after 30 October 2022 certificate for ISO 22301:2012 will no longer be valid. Now the deadline for transitioning to ISO 22301:2019 has been extended by six months due to COVID-19. The new deadline for transitioning is now 30th April 2023. Certification bodies will continue to deliver audits against ISO 22301:2012 until 30 April 2021 to allow you time to get your system updated and aligned to ISO 22301:2019.

Key changes to ISO/FDIS 22301

ISO 22301:2019 was released 31 October 2019. The revision’s aim has been to reflect ongoing changes and developments in the business continuity world, bringing more value to those implementing the standard. Overall, changes may be considered small. No fundamental new requirements have been added.

  • Content in clause 8 has been reordered, duplication removed and terminology is simplified and more consistent
  • References to risk appetite have been removed
  • Introductory guidance information has been removed and placed in ISO 22313 the BCMS guidance document
  • More specific focus on planning for changes to the BCMS
  • Less prescriptive procedures and documentation requirements
  • Business continuity strategy is more clearly expressed as “Business continuity strategy and solutions”
  • Business continuity plans now clearly link to supporting the teams and people that will respond to a disruption

Why Choose Horizon?

  • We have the extensive industry experience to meet your particular needs, so we have the right in-depth knowledge to understand your challenges
  • You’ll get access to industry good practice and international best practices
  • You will be guided through your ISO certification journey- our advisors will support you for any complex queries that arise
  • You’ll feel reassured selecting Horizon Risk Consultancy Ltd as your ISO consultancy and training service provider, as we are one of 200 BSI Associate Consultant across the UK, are independently evaluated for our competence and performance capability by BSI to ensure we deliver the best for our clients.

How to Prepare for The Implementation of The New Version?  

We recommend you start preparing for the transition as early as possible and plan properly to incorporate needed changes into your Management System.

Recommended steps for the transition:

  • Familiar yourself with the contents and key requirements of the new standard. If you are a current user of the 2012 standard, you should focus on the changes implied by the revised standard.
  • Ensure that relevant personnel in your organization are trained and understand the requirements and key changes.
  • Establish a project team to involve your workforce and get the best results. 
  • Identify gaps which need to be addressed to meet the new requirements and establish an implementation plan.
  • Implement actions and update your management system to meet the new requirements.
  • Carry out internal audit and management review to identify areas for continuous improvement

How Can We Support You?  

Whether you are certified to ISO 22301:2012 (old version) or you are new to business continuity we can support you on the business continuity management system and the transition through:

  • Training – online, in-house or public, to help you understand the content and key changes in the standards and the transition process.
  • Gap analysis (remote, online or in-house) – we assess your existing management system against the requirements of the revised standard, and identify the gaps that need to be addressed, and help you develop a transition project plan. We can provide you FREE Mapping Guide and easy tools for Gap Analysis.
  • Planning for implementation – Based on the gap analysis we identify the actions needed to improve the maturity of your business continuity management system. We develop pragmatic approaches and measures that help you establish a suitable business continuity management system that evolves and improves over time.
  • Implementation – We work with you to implement the improvement plan and coach your business continuity team how to implement the plan. This will give you the tools you need to handle a disaster or major incident, so you can act and react precisely and effectively in the event of an emergency.
  • Review: Conduct the audit (either independent or joint audit with you) to verify the readiness for external ISO certification audit.
  • Integration: Take the opportunity to integrate part of the whole of your other management systems into the overall management system: Environment, Health & Safety, Energy Management, quality etc. based on your needs.

The ability of an organization to continue operating during the global scale COVID-19  disruption has never been more important. Set your organization ahead of the competition with an ISO 22301:2019 Business Management System with the support from Horizon Risk Consultancy Ltd.

Start preparing for your ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management transition and contact us today who will be able to give advice and guidance about options that will enable you to meet your goals.