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Sharing skills to the local community organisations in Kirklees

Believing that sharing creates a sense of well-being and belonging, Sandy Lu joined Comoodle to help others in her community of Kirklees.

Being the managing director of Huddersfield-based health, safety and environmental risk management consultancy, Horizon Risk Consultancy Ltd, Sandy has shared her vast knowledge and expertise to groups and businesses across the region.

After discovering Comoodle and relating to our unique community sharing ambitions, Sandy not only offers free health and safety training to community groups, she also urges businesses and people to share their space and drive Kirklees’ economy forward.

“Businesses who actively engage their community will build a positive corporate image, encourage community people to engage with them and attract more customers,” said Huddersfield resident Sandy who also offers Slips, Trips and Falls Prevention Training for groups on Comoodle.

“Sharing creates a sense of wellbeing and belonging, helps us get to know each other and builds trust.”

Sandy believes that by encouraging businesses, building owners and residents in Kirklees to share and support one another, that will only help to ensure resources are used efficiently and that it can help to promote community spirit and collaboration.

The 42-year-old added: “Businesses cannot lose with Comoodle. As long as they specify what they can share and register their space correctly, they can establish a positive image that shows they care about their community and this can also lead to constructive relationships and stronger local business.”

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