NEBOSH eLearning Vs Virtual Learning: Which is right for you?

eLearning and Virtual Learning: Which is right for you?

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Are you interested in completing a Health and Safety qualification but are unsure which way of learning is right for you? If that’s the case then this post is sure to help you out. Then let’s get started. We can help you to decide between eLearning and Virtual Learning.  

In this post we’ll discuss the differences between eLearning and Virtual Classroom learning. 

– What is eLearning?

– Positives and negatives of eLearning?

– What is Virtual Classroom Learning?

– Positives and negatives of Virtual Classroom Learning?

– Which courses are available via these methods?

What is eLearning?

Elearning is a method of education that allows learners to progress at their own pace. Therefore, it lets you complete the course at the times that are best to suit you. Learning this way allows you to spread out the course to times which reduce the pressure on yourself.

What are the positives of eLearning?

– Flexible – complete at your own convenience

– Less Expensive

– More independent learning experience



What are the negatives of eLearning?

– Less traditional method of learning



What is Virtual Classroom learning?

Virtual Classroom learning is a mix of a traditional classroom experience and online learning. Subsequently, courses take place online using Zoom or Microsoft Teams. These courses will run on a specific timetable. This method of learning is the more traditional approach to training.


What are the positives of Virtual Classroom Learning?

– Interactive

– Instant feedback from tutors

– More traditional learner experience



What are the negatives of Virtual Classroom Learning?

– Courses may be longer and at fixed times

– More expensive



Which courses are available via these methods?

 The courses and the learning method depend on the learning provider, for example, here at Horizon, we offer Virtual Classroom courses for the major NEBOSH qualifications:

– HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management

– National General Certificate

– International General Certificate

We also offer eLearning courses for all these qualifications if you would prefer.

Additionally, we have a wide range of Highfield Courses available that you can qualify online with.



Virtual classroom learning


If you are wondering which learning method is right for you then I hope this post helped you in your decision. In addition, we’ve covered the Pros and Cons of each learning method which I hope will inform your decision.


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