What should you expect from the NEBOSH open book exam?

NEBOSH open book exam guidance

If you are taking the NEBOSH General Certificate course, you may be wondering how the qualification is assessed. One way in which the NEBOSH General Certificate is assessed is through an open book exam. In this post, we will explain how NEBOSH General Certificates are assessed and what an open book exam is.

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What is the NEBOSH open book exam?

This exam is an online method of assessment. In addition, It allows you to sit the first part of your qualification, online, anywhere in the world.

An open book examination tests the same learning outcomes and assessment criteria that a traditional paper-based exam would. However, unlike a traditional exam, you will have full access to coursebooks and digital resources during your exam.

What elements does the exam cover?

The open book exam assesses your understanding of the first 4 elements of the NEBOSH General Certificate syllabus:

– Element 1: Why we should manage workplace health and safety

– Element 2: How health and safety management systems work and what they look like

– Element 3: Managing risk – Understanding people and processes

– Element 4: Health and Safety monitoring and measuring

How do you access the exam?

You will receive access to the NEBOSH online assessment platform and on your chosen exam date. Therefore, you will be able to log into the NEBOSH platform and complete the examination.

When will I get my exam results?

NEBOSH will email you your results within 50 working days of your exam date. Then, We will send your certificate out after you receive your results and it will show your final qualification grade.

What comes after the NEBOSH open book exam?

After the exam, you will need to complete the General Certificate practical risk assessment. The aim of this assessment is to test your skills in action. In this part of the assessment, you are asked to show that you can confidently identify hazards and take appropriate action to keep your workplace safe.

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