What are standards?

Standards are in place all around us. From turning on a light switch to restricted temperatures on oven doors, standards protect us and give us the information we need to make informed choices. A standard is an agreed way of doing something. It’s a statement of good practice, designed to make things better, safer and more efficient. 

Standards make life better for everyone 

Standards affect every part of our daily lives – from our work experiences to our personal choices. Whether we’re trying to choose a smartphone or protect our company from cyber-attack, standards make it easier to make good decisions.

Standards have the power to make our lives better and more enjoyable. They can help governments to make better decisions. And they can make organizations more successful and socially and environmentally responsible.

BSI’s ‘Power of Standards’ free online course

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Through this course, you’ll learn about what standards are, why organizations use them, how they’re made, and how and why people get involved in standards-making.

Course Outline

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