Health and Safety Management System

An important lesson we have learned from COVID-19 is that health and safety is an integral part of the overall success of any organization. Adopting an effective Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) demonstrates that an organization has considered how they will identify, manage and control health and safety risks and achieve business resilience.

Benefit of an effective Health and Safety Management System

A HSMS is a fundamental part of an organisation’s risk management. Implementing an HSMS enables an organisation to:

  • Protect its business and workforce
  • Improve employee morale and productivity
  • Comply with legal requirements
  • Facilitate continual improvement

Why Work With Horizon? 

  • Expertise from our experienced consultants
  • Extensive industry experience
  • Management System development based on proven best practices
  • Auditable Management Systems by embedding of the process approach
  • As one of the 200 BSI Management System Associate Consultant across the UK, we are independently evaluated for our competence and performance capability by BSI to ensure we deliver the best for our clients

Types of Health and Safety Management System

A formal HSMS or framework can help provide a structured framework for ensuring a safe and healthy workplace. Examples include:

Although the language and methodology vary between different standards, the key actions can usually be traced back to ‘Plan – Do – Check – Act’ management process.

A truly effective HSMS establishes and maintains a positive health and safety culture of safety that is embedded throughout the organization. The attitude and behaviours of management and employees must exhibit a strong commitment to a safer work environment, otherwise the system will not produce the desired outcomes.

Health and Safety Management Systems Framework

A typical a HSMS consists of:

  • Identification of legal and other requirements
  • Leadership and employee involvement
  • An effective organizational structure and clearly defined roles and responsibility
  • Assessment of OH&S risks and other risks to the business
  • A planned and documented approach to health and safety
  • Measurable objectives and goals for improvement
  • A process-based approach to risk management
  • The monitoring of health and safety issues and auditing of performance
  • A continuous improvement process

Health and Safety Management System Consultancy Services We Offer:

  • Management System gap analysis
  • Management System development
  • Implementation support
  • Training your management team and employees
  • Internal audit support
  • Ongoing advice and support
  • A fixed price contract
  • Other services e.g. cultural improvement and behaviour based observation programme development

Next Step

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