HABC Level 2 Award in Health and Safety within the Workplace (RQF) Qualify at Home


VAT Included


Access to online training where you will find interactive exercises, quizzes, and media-rich content to prepare you for the exam.

E-assessment with Highfield

The exam is conducted via Highfield E-assessment and is remotely invigilated online at your home or your workplace. Please find out more about Qualify At Home here. 

The exam is carried out at a set time and dates convenient to you after you have completed the online learning, please allow up to 48 hours for Highfield to set up the exam for you, we can arrange the exam date prior to your completion of the online learning if you have a specific date/time in mind.


You will find out if you have passed or failed immediately and will receive an e-certificate shortly after completion which has the same accreditation as a hard copy certificate.

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Highfield QualificationsHABC Level 2 Award in Health and Safety within the Workplace (RQF) provides learners with knowledge of the basic health and safety practices which are essential in the workplace.

If you are looking for a qualification in workplace safety, then a HABC level 2 in health and safety within the workplace is for you.

What topics are covered in this course?

  • The responsibilities and employers and employees
  • The benefits of good health and safety
  • Steps to a risk assessment
  • Common causes of and how to reduce accidents, near misses and ill-health
  • Typical hazards and controls in the workplace
  • Emergency procedures and the importance of recording accidents, near misses and ill-health occurrences

How long does this course last?

This E-learning course will require approximately 2 hours.

Any Question?

If you have any questions about this training, please contact us before purchasing.