‘Qualify At Home’ 


Horizon Risk Consultancy Ltd is a Highfield Qualifications approved training centre, our Centre Number is 15280. We work in partnership with Highfield, help keep your business on the front foot during the COVID-19 crisis, and turn home working into home learning and qualifying through Highfield Qualify at Home.

Highfield’s digital portfolio can help keep your business on the front foot during the COVID-19 crisis. It offers everyone, even those in isolation, an alternative with Highfield’s complete 3 step ‘Qualify at Home’ suite.

The 3 step ‘Qualify at Home’ suite 

  • Highfield E-learning or online learning – instantly available, accessible anywhere.
  • E-assessment – regulated assessments on your computer at your home or your workplace.
  • Remote online invigilation – at home or your workplace when convenient with the learner

Featured benefits

  • Let learners learn AND qualify from home or anywhere in the country.
  • Enable home and work-based test to be undertaken without an invigilator present.
  • Test conducted under normal exam conditions set out by Ofqual.

What you’ll need

  • Isolated area
  • Laptop or PC
  • Smartphone
  • Webcam

Setting up is easy. The whole process takes just 5 minutes, with the expert staff from Highfield and Horizon Risk Consultancy Ltd on hand to support.

Keep your learners and business on track.

Booking learners onto exams

Please email your learner details to us at training@horizonriskconsultancy.com using the Book Form.

Once bookings have been added by Highfield, the learner will receive an exam confirmation and two emails from ProctorExam. The first is for them to carry out a system check to ensure that the learner’s devices are suitable for remote invigilation. The second email is the exam instructions.

As a Highfield centre, we will receive a copy of the Highfield exam booking confirmation email.


Once the learner confirms that they have finished the exam by clicking ‘End exam’, they will receive an on-screen notification of whether they have passed or failed.

The centre will then also receive a notification by email to confirm the result. This is usually done automatically, so it will be instantaneous.

The e-certificate will also be available at this point to download.

Call 01484 937128 or email training@horizonriskconsultancy.com for more information.

Please check out the leaflet here.