Qualify At Home

Horizon Risk Consultancy Ltd is a Highfield Qualifications approved training centre. We work in partnership with Highfield, help keep your business on the front foot. Use the opportunity to improve your knowledge through Highfield Qualify At Home.

The 3 step Qualify at Home process

  • Online Learning – award winning, instantly available training, accessible anywhere and at anytime.
  • E-assessment – Regulated online assessments on your computer at home or at your workplace.
  • E-certification – Verifiable online certification by Checkcert

Online Learning

Learners can take the online course from home or from your workplace. Therefore this allows you to be flexible with your learning and you can manage it to suit your schedule. Our online learning course is easy to understand and no matter if it is e-learning or virtual classroom learning, you will always have access to our excellent support system.


How does it work? – You need to confirm your exam date at least 7 days before your desired exam date. This gives us enough time to register you for the exam and ensure that everything is working correctly. Within one day of registration you will receive an email directly from the online exam provider ProctorExam

If you don’t receive the email within 24 hours of us confirming your registration, you must contact the Remote invigilation Support Team at Highfield on +44 01302 363277. Follow the instructions given to you on the email and test the device you will take the test on as soon as you receive the first email from the Highfield exam provider ProctorExam. It is essential that you carry out the device test on the equipment you will use for the exam. Therefore do not follow the link in the email on any other device.

Upon completion of the device test, you will receive a further email with a link to access your exam. If you do not receive the email, you must contact Highfield Remote Invigilation Support Team at Highfield: +44 01302 363277 at least 48 hours in advance of the exam date to allow time to troubleshoot any issues.

It is important that you take the time to read the below documents prior to your examination:

Qualify at Home Learner Policy

Exam Conditions Checklist


With Checkcert, it allows you to validate your certificates without need for the physical certificate. This means that potential employers can quickly and securely validate an award.


  • Let learners learn and qualify from home or anywhere in the world
  • Enable home and work-based test to be undertaken without an invigilator present

What will I need?

  • Isolated area
  • Laptop or PC
  • Smartphone
  • Webcam

Setting up is easy. It just takes 5 minutes, with expert staff from Highfield and Horizon Risk Consultancy Ltd on hand to support.

If you are using MacOS, additional steps are required to enable screen sharing. Information on how to enable screen sharing on Mac can be found here. 

How do I register for the exam?

If you are ready to book your exam after completing one of our Highfield E-learning or online courses, we can book you when we have received the following information:

  • Learner name
  • Date of birth
  • Learner email address
  • Learner mobile number
  • Exam date
  • Exam time
  • Qualification/exam title

We can then pass these details to the Highfield exam booking team and register you for the assessment.

Please email your learner details to us at training@horizonriskconsultancy.com or use our booking form.

How do I set up the exam?

Please find the videos bellow for demonstrations of the Proctor remote online exam platform. These videos will guide you through the process of system checks, exam setup and what to do after finishing an exam. It is essential that you watch these videos so you are prepared for your exam.


Once the learner confirms that they have finished the exam by clicking ‘End exam’, they will receive an on-screen notification of whether they have passed or failed.

You will achieve an accredited qualification upon successful completion of the E-assessment. The e-certificate will be available at this point to download. The E-certificate shares the same qualification as a hard copy certificate.

If you have any further questions, read Highfield’s FAQs or contact us.